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In 2014 Living-way received the first invitation for running a Biography Workshop in Nanning, China. We spent good amount of time to get handouts prepared hoping this would also prepare our translator, who was obviously not familiar with the content. During the first of seven workshop days in November the limitations of the translation become so clearly visible that the organisors brought in a new translator by the start of the second day. The new person was familiar with the underlying philosophy (Anthroposophy) but not with the specific subject: Biography Work. This was resolved firstly by talking the translator through the lecture. Secondly, by translating board images, I created to give the translator the structure and at the same time prepare visuals for the forty participants.

During the workshop, the question to run a Biography Training emerged but under the impression of the difficulties regarding translations, we declined.

In August 2017, we met a former Australian Biography Student who just returned from a long period of teaching Art Therapy in China. She was very enthusiastic about bringing Biography Work to China. We agreed that the translation quality is of prime importance, but she was convinced her contacts would allow for finding the right translators, local organisers and organisations. We decided to offer foundation workshops in 2018 and to get prepared for running a Biography Training in 2019.

We propose to conduct the training as a residential course. It will consist of three six-day modules per year over three years, starting with an extra Foundation Workshop and accompanied by annual projects.