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During a Schooling Course in 1997 at Hawkwood College (UK) we received the invitation to conduct a Schooling Course in Melbourne (AU) in 1998. This was the first stepping-stone for many future Living-way workshops and trainings in Australia and New Zealand.

Sadly, the Schooling Course, our entrée for working in Australia, discontinued after a successful three-year cycle in Armidale.

We started the first Living-way Biography Training in Australia in 2004 under the umbrella of The Melbourne Therapy Center. The second training cycle on started 2009 in Sydney in cooperation with Sydney Rudolf Steiner College. After finishing the third cycle in Sydney, the fourth is scheduled to start in Canberra in March 2018.

The structure of the Australian Biography Training will follow the successful format of the previous training, a blend of distance preparation and face-to-face workshop days. The training consists of four three-day modules per year over three years, starting with an extra Foundation Workshop and accompanied by three annual projects.

Participants can join the Biography Training annually at an entry point in April after they did a Living-way Foundation Workshop.

For the fourth annual module, we plan to have the presentations as part of a Collegial Intervision Meeting. The idea is to strengthen the collegial network and to create (local) intervision groups.

Another attempt to strengthen the collegial network are the Biography Gatherings for Australian and NZ colleagues and students. These Gatherings started in 2014. They are scheduled in conjunction with ANZAC day, in the year between the biannual World Wide Biography Conferences. The 2018 Gathering is scheduled for Thu. 19/04 to Sun. 22/04/2018 – starting Thursday day at 6pm – ending Sunday at 2pm. One theme will be to explore how Biographical Theory and the underlying philosophy can best be presented in multicultural and non-western settings. For 2018, we have invited colleagues from Australia, NZ, Thailand and India.